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After several years of testing, and on field proof of quality of our products, to some of them have created the possibility for +1 Year Limited Warranty extension.

When on standard 2 year Limited Warranty add +1 year extra , it give you total of 3 Year Limited Warranty time, which...Read more

Visit us on this year IBC Show Event in Amsterdam Holand, from 08 – 12 September 2016.

We will be exhibiting at HALL 11

The International Broadcasting Convention IBC 2016 will feature more than 280 speakers who will share their knowledge and experience as well as keynote sessions...Read more

Visit us on this year NAB Show Event in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, from 18 – 21 April 2016.

We will be exhibiting at MAIN HALL, Stand C1055

On one of the largest and the most prestigious fairs of Broadcast Technology in the world, the NAB Las Vegas,
Nevada USA
, where...Read more

Visit us on this year BVE Show Event in London UK, from 23 to 25 februar 2016.

We will be exhibiting at HALL S1-9, Stand P57

BVE is the UK’s largest event for professionals involved in taking content from creation to consumption. It attracts in excess of 15,000 visitors from...Read more

Finally our step in to the DSLR market is approved. The most popular and common Battery Pack RP-LPE6 is in REDPRO product range. .

The new battery is the high capacity battery pack that have capacity of 2000mAh or 14.8Wh, it combine all experience and information that we have collect...Read more

To fulfill our Battery Packs lines, we proudly represent our new products RP-JC70 Battery for JVC Camcorders GY-HM600EC, GY-HM650EC, GY-HMQ10 GY, LS300CHEC

This battery will have external USB Output 5V, 1A, 5W as this is become most common in all our products, and also the DC...Read more

Our new Battery Pack RP-VBD78, represent new generation bateries for Panasonic Camcorders. After some time, finally the successor of the model RP-D54S is developed.
The new battery is fully compatible with next Panasonic camcorders: AJ-PX270, AG-AC8, HC-X1000.

The new battery is...Read more

V-Lock is The most popular standard in the video industry. Employing the world’s best industrial quality Li-Ion cells, REDPRO is proud to provide new battery with the highest energy density available and suitable for a wide range of video production equipment, from light use to high demand cameras.

This...Read more

Constant demand of the Professional World of Photo and Video equipment, as well as all the other electronic units (like LED Video Light , Sound Recorder, Video Recorder, LCD Video Monitors) icluding the mobile phones, and all units that run on USB 5V power or D-Tap 14.4V. We have come to the conclusion...Read more

New series of REDPRO 14.4V Battery Pack RP-PBU80 is fully compatible with all Sony PXW Series Camcorder!

The new communication chip is implemented and Battery Pack is ready to go with Sony Camcorders PXW-FS7, PXW-X200, PXW-X180, PXW-X160

When we have launched our 14.4V...Read more

Watching the world of Photo and Video equipment, as well as all the other electronic units (like LED Video Light , Sound Recorder, Video Recorder, LCD Video Monitors) we have come to the conclusion that the demand for energy on the field has become more and more demanding.

In response to...Read more

In order to follow Sony as the manufacturer of Professional Video Camcorders, which has moved their product line in to the use of BP-U series of Battery Packs, we in REDPRO have decided to go and develop the charger, that will be more advanced, and user friendly, than any other charger on the world market...Read more

With unique technology RedPro Battery Chargers Model RP-DC20 and RP-DC10 together with selected Battery Plate, give you possibility to charge all World Brands Battery Packs, fast, safe and reliable.
To help our customers to find appropriate Battery Plate for Battery Pack that they need...Read more

Battery Packs are rated in mAh (milliamp hours), just like the Battery in your phone. They have about 70% to 80% efficiency; the rest of the energy is lost to heat.
Now as the increase of capital and personnel input, the newly brands of Battery packs came out rapidly, these newly brands not only...Read more