Battery Pack RP-VBD78

The Small and lightweight Ultra High-Capacity Info-Lithium Battery Pack RP-VBD78, represent new generation batteries for Panasonic Camcorders. After some time, finally the successor of the model RP-D54S is developed. The new battery is fully compatible with next Panasonic camcorders: AG-DVX200, AJ-PX270, AJ-PX285, AJ-PX298, AG-AC8 and HC-X1000. With High Performances and professional quality this battery pack is designed for Professional use in studio and field.


High Power Capacity 57Wh

With to a high power Capacity of 57Wh obtained from these batteries, Panasonic HD Video Camcorders, can be powered by more than 5 hours at full load

High Quality Li-Ion Cells

Latest Li-Ion battery cells 18650 that are used in this battery pack, provide no Memory Effect, High Efficiency, Compact and Light –Weight

Data Communication with Camcorder

With data communication chip that is build in, the remind power from the battery is exact displayed on the Camcorder LCD monitor

Charging With RP-DC50 Charger

Battery Pack can be Charged at any VW-VBD style Battery Charger that can Charge 7.2V Battery Pack with VW-VBD bracket/holder, but for Maximum Charging and Full Compatibility we recommend usage of RP-DC50 Dual Battery Charger and RP-DD54 Battery Charger Plate..

Multiple Protection

The Circuit of the Battery Pack has Multiple Protection of Abnormal Current Protection, Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection and Overheating Temperature Protection. This functions allow the Battery Pack longer Operation life and safer use for Professional purposes.

No Memory Efect

This Battery Pack provides the Advantages of Lithium-Ion, meaning it can be charged or discharged at anytime without developing Memory Effect. This means the Battery never loses its ability to hold a Full Charge


REDPRO Battery Packs are fully in compliance with European Union RoHS regulations ( Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) and are 100% free of Lead, Cadmium and Mercury, where RedPro products take part in active protecting of the environment and preserving the highest standards of environmental protection.